Luisa Zeppelin

Data Scientist

I’m a Data Scientist at the intersection of art and analytics. With my educational background in Computer Science and Mathematics, I find joy in discovering structure in complex problems, such that they become more approachable.

Since my professional path is rooted in both logic and creativity, I’m as comfortable with code as I am with colours. I apply a meticulous eye to design and data, seeking to present the latter in engaging visual forms, crafting user experiences that resonate on a human level.

Beyond my desk, I’m likely to be found on the dance floor or under the stage lights, sharing my love for music with other human beings. These passions fuel my belief in lifelong learning and the continuous pursuit of personal growth.

I value the power of collaboration. Whether you’re interested in creating something with impact or simply wish to exchange ideas, please feel free to reach out. Let’s explore what we can learn from each other.

Luisa Zeppelin